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Email is mission-critical for your businesses. It is your primary vehicle of communication; it is as important as telephone and electricity, and should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, you rely on your business email account to help you accomplish so many things. That's why it's important to find an email service that offers you the features you need - like plenty of storage, spam and virus protection, webmail and even document sharing. Our email services are built on the premise of security, flexibility, scalability, mobility, and efficiency. CloudCom's solution will also help your business demonstrate regulatory compliance, as well as solve email performance issues.

When you choose CloudCom for Microsoft Exchange, you get more than just email, you get:

  • Unparalleled Support: Your email users can contact our Support team 24x7x365 by phone or ticket. We're always here to help. Your complete satisfaction is our sole ambition.
  • Strong Microsoft Relationship: Backed with unmatched expertise, our hosted Exchange service is supported by Microsoft Certified Professionals.
  • Spam & Virus Protection: Each piece of mail coming into our Microsoft Exchange servers is subjected to spam and virus scans keeping your systems safe from email-borne threats.
  • Seamless Migration Services: Your move to CloudCom is pain-free. You're backed by a team of migrations experts every step of the way. Supported Migrations include expert monitoring, support, and error reporting. It is priced based on your current email environment. We offer split domain routing to stagger mailbox migration over a specified period.
  • Best of Outlook: With Outlook on Hosted Exchange, you can collaborate across the hall or across with world with shared calendars, tasks, and contacts. CloudCom offers Outlook 2010 and 2013 for Windows.
  • Business Focused: Your company needs email catered to the unique needs of business users, including features to enhance efficiency and provide higher levels of security.
  • 25GB of Storage & large Attachments: Your In-boxes won't choke on photos, videos, and other large file attachments with twice the attachment size limit of other providers.
  • Enhanced Security & Peace of Mind: SSL encryption hides data during transmission so crooks can't access your mail data. Our data centers are protected by strict physical and systems security measures, plus fire suppression and redundant power systems.
  • Backup & Retrieval: Your data is securely backed up using Exchange Native Protection. Delete an email? No problem. Easily recover messages in Outlook for up to 14 days. Restore an entire deleted mailbox for up to 30 days.
  • Email Archiving Solution: CloudCom's hosted email archiving is a critical tool; it gives you 100% mailbox management as well as compliance archiving. Take the following archiving factors into consideration:

* Whether your company is public or private, you're subject to e-discovery in litigation within the United States federal court system
* No matter your industry or number of employees, e-discovery can require you to submit company email, IM chats, and other electronic files
* If you aren't archiving email, you could face untenable e-discovery costs or harsh legal sanctions
* In addition to mitigating e-discovery risks, email archiving also reduces data storage costs and protects intellectual property and critical business information

Why choose CloudCom Wisconsin?

  • We don't take any shortcuts. We designed our infrastructure architecture at the highest level possible, and our history of ZERO downtime proves it.
  • CloudCom's hosting service is delivered to you cost-effectively, 24/7/365, with full IT support services from trained senior systems engineers.
  • Email is archived off-site enterprise-grade technologies.
  • Our email solution also serves as your full anti spam service and antivirus service, aiding in disaster prevention.
  • You get a complete Email solution supported by CloudCom Guarantee

    • Best Price and Best Value
    • Reliability & Uptime
    • System Security
    • IT Compliance
    • Peace of Mind

No matter the size of your business, your custom email solution is scalable and will easily adapt to growth. Pricing is flexible according to your usage needs- per Gigabyte per user, OR you can opt for an unlimited Gigabyte user package.

We provide email hosting service for businesses or individuals looking for a reliable email solution featuring Microsoft Email Exchange, webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. We offer spam & virus protection, archiving and a host of other features. Our email hosting service is compatible with Outlook and other third party email clients as well as most mobile phones.

We also provide email hosting service to individuals and companies that need to send and receive emails in their designated email addresses and domain names. We also provide email hosting service to companies that want to outsource their email support. You need to have a domain name to use our email hosting service.