Hybrid Cloud


Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

At CouldCom Wisconsin, we provide both public and private cloud solutions. Our automatic failover and resource balancing virtualization technology allow our cloud computing to not only run with optimized stability but reap the benefits of increased reliability due to the inherent redundancy of the cloud platform.

As a company that has a vision to be a leading cloud-based solution provider, CloudCom will always provide a complete and integrated service for your company. We provide total solution for Cloud Computing including:

A. Cloud-Based Infrastructure Service.

Our cloud infrastructure services provides a variety of solutions that include server infrastructure (computing) , storage, network, cloud platform and manage application. For cloud servers, we provide on demand public cloud and private cloud service, either onsite private cloud at your site or hosted private cloud in our data center. In addition we also provide storage services, as a complement to your cloud server. We also provide cloud platform software if you want to build a private cloud with existing hardware. Finally, the service also offers managed application, especially for basic applications based on Open source or Microsoft, such as email, web servers and databases.

B. Cloud-Based Software as a Service

Our cloud-based business software service ( software as a service) includes CRM, ERP and e-commerce.

C. Custom & Cloud-Based Software Development

We also offer various custom application development in several platform such as ASP.Net based, J2EE platform based, or mobile applications platform, like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or J2ME . The applications can be built both over on promise based or cloud-based ( multitenant) environment. Including in this service are integrating with existing back office systems.

D. Cloud Integration Service

This service is an integrated solution that includes integration of cloud services with on premise back office system, integration of cloud infrastructure service with cloud software service or on premise software and integration among cloud software service ( SaaS). The scope of services primarily includes the integration of the exchange and synchronization of data between various applications.